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Have you been noticing changes in your teenager’s attitude? Mood swings are, of course, to be expected during the teenaged years, but when do you know when your child needs additional help? Here at Mars & Venus, we are happy to offer our adolescent counseling in Teaneck to help teenagers with all kinds of problems. One of the most common underlying issues that we see in our adolescent patients is low self-esteem. If you are noticing that your teenager is becoming increasingly withdrawn, quiet, lethargic, etc, they may be struggling with self-esteem issues, or related issues like depression. It can be difficult for teenagers to open up to their parents and people close to them, and so it is often helpful to offer them an option outside of the family, or outside of anyone they now well. At Mars & Venus, our experts know how to talk to teenagers. We know how to make them feel comfortable, and it is often a relief for teenagers to talk to someone that they know will not judge or punish them. You might be surprised at how eager your teenager might be to pursue adolescent counseling in Teaneck. At the center of all of the treatments we offer here at Mars & Venus is compassion. We also strive to create a welcoming yet professional atmosphere so that all of our patients feel at ease. We also offer marriage counseling and counseling for younger children.

If you would like to learn more about what our adolescent counseling in Teaneck entails, or if you would like to learn about any of the other many services that are available to you and your family here at Mars & Venus, we highly recommend that you visit our main website, where you can read on in further detail about these and other related issues. If you have any questions or concerns for our staff, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. You can reach us by calling us at the Mars & Venus office, or by sending us a message online. We look forward to working with you and your family soon.

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