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Bergen County Marriage Therapist

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Marital Counseling in Bergen County

Bergen County Marriage Therapist
Bergen County Marriage Therapist

When you get married, you plan on it lasting forever. Like everything in life, nothing is perfect and there are times when things can get difficult. If you are having difficulties in your marriage that you are unable to resolve on your own with your spouse, you might want to consider seeing a Bergen County marriage therapist.

If you’re looking for an experienced and effective Bergen County marriage therapist to help restore your relationship and to help you feel like you and your spouse are connecting in a positive manner, you’re in the right place. You and your spouse will be in excellent hands when you choose Mars & Venus. Our high-quality practice specializes in marriage and couples counseling. We work provide both individual and couples counseling. Individual counseling can truly benefit your relationship. In individual counseling, we focus on resolving the unresolved issues you have from the past that you are carrying into adulthood and that are negatively impacting your relationship. Our couples counseling focuses on the clinical approach used by Dr. John Gray, the author of “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”. We use the book and the systematic approach that was taught and licensed by Dr. John Gray. You and your partner will learn how to understand, respect and honor the differences between your spouse (or partner) and yourself. We will teach how to identify what your needs are, what your partner’s needs and how to meet those needs. We also teach you communication skills, that once improved, will help your relationship to heal and grow.
We provide in-person counseling sessions. In certain circumstances, if clients are not able to have in-person sessions, we provide long distance counseling (via telephone or live video).

If you’re interested in learning more about our marital counseling programs, you should schedule a consultation with our expert Bergen County marriage therapist. Contact us right now to set up your appointment.

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