Child therapist in Morristown

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Anxiety can cause you to feel unable to enjoy life. Work, leisure, family time, it’s all affected. So you can only imagine what it’s like when it hits your child. Here at Mars & Venus, our counseling services are of great value to kids and adolescents. And by extension, they are important to your peace of mind, too.

There are varying degrees of anxiety, and every child may have such feelings every so often. But the question is whether it is causing a negative impact on your child’s life. Are friendships suffering? Maybe he or she is falling behind in school. Constant worrying can be the result of various factors. You cannot expect a child or teenager to overcome it with the force of will. Adults cannot do so, either. Our childhood therapist in Morristown will work with your child, either by herself or himself, or as part of family sessions. Sometimes it is a combination of the two that will be likely to yield the best possible results. It’s important to get to the bottom of the anxiety, which can only be done properly with the help of a qualified professional. And that is exactly what you are getting with our child therapist in Morristown. If you’re wondering if your child should be getting the counseling provided at our office, consider that irrational fears, panic attack, loss of sleep, and physical symptoms like jaw clenching may develop if they have not already. Being proactive is undoubtedly the most effective approach.

We understand that coping with your child’s anxiety is both a challenge for them and for you, along with everyone else in the family. It should be reassuring to know that none of you have to go through it alone. Contact our office to book an appointment with our child therapist in Morristown.