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Coping with Depression in Teaneck

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Teaneck Depression Counseling

Clinical depression is a lot more severe than just feeling blue once in while. It’s perfectly natural to feel down now and then. But when you feel the weight of sadness over a prolonged period of time and it has come to impact your life in a negative way, it’s time to call us at Mars & Venus. Using a combination of methods that have been gleaned from the most highly reputable experts, along with the proven wisdom of the book “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus,” written by Dr. John Gray, we are committed to helping people just like you in coping with depression in Teaneck.

Depression counseling is focused on alleviating the effects of sadness and hopelessness on your emotional state. Depending on your individual circumstances, it could be mild to severe, but there are definite symptoms that you should be aware of that might indicate you need help coping with depression in Teaneck. If you suffer from unexplained mood changes, social withdrawal, either in increase or decrease in sleeping or eating, problems with concentration, fatigue, suicidal thoughts, anger, or irritability, these are all signs that you could benefit from help coping with depression in Teaneck.

Depression that needs to be addressed usually is pervasive. It stays with you over and it doesn’t subside. It can interfere with your ability to work, to interact with friends and loved ones, and to go about your daily routines, including deriving pleasure from your leisure activities. Why should you continue to deal with the difficulties that are associated with depression when you could start on the road to feeling better today? Coping with depression in Teaneck shouldn’t be done on your own. Not when you can take advantage of our counseling. Call us right now and schedule a consultation.

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