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Hackensack Addiction Counseling

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Dealing with an addiction in Hackensack

Hackensack addiction counseling
Hackensack addiction counseling

Living in these modern times is more complicated and demanding than they have ever been before. Often people need a little help in coping with the decisions that they have to make and the relationships that they have in their lives. Too often people seek assistance in an activity or substance that is unwise or even unhealthy and it becomes a repetitive behavior that they cannot seem to break free of. At Mars & Venus our therapists offer Hackensack addiction counseling using proven methods to help sufferers rid themselves of addiction and help those living with them cope.

Addiction comes in many forms from a physical need and dependence to drugs or alcohol to compulsive behaviors such as food addictions or gambling. Anything that the person cannot stop doing has the potential to be addictive and harmful even those behaviors that are ostensibly beneficial such as exercising when it turns to an obsessive drive that controls behavior. Our Hackensack addiction counseling services treat the addict and counsel those in a relationship with them. The first step is for the addict to realize that they have the addiction and engage in treatment for that addiction, only then can he/she begin to deal with their relationships. For instance, we offer couples counseling because research definitively shows that when one person in a relationship suffers from an addiction the other person suffers greatly and the relationship is invariably strained often to the breaking point.

Whether it is a couple or a whole family the presence of an addicted member can pull the whole relationship apart, every member of the family even the youngest ones feel the pressure. Hackensack addiction counseling believes that family or couples therapy is an essential part of addiction treatment process. The therapy is done in an atmosphere where every member of the relationship feels free to express his/her feelings. If addiction is plaguing you or a member of your family please give our New Jersey Centers for Counseling a call.

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