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Marriage Therapist Waldwick

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Marriage Therapy in Waldwick

Marriage Therapist Waldwick
Marriage Therapist Waldwick

If you are looking for an excellent marriage therapist who can provide you with effective and successful marriage therapy, you should contact us at Mars & Venus. Our center’s Director and Co-Director are Richard Drobnick and Morrisa Drobnick. When you need the services of an excellent marriage therapist Waldwick, you should contact us at our practice, and we know we can provide you with the help that you and your spouse need to have a more successful marriage.

At our counseling center, we provide individual and couples therapy. Our marriage therapist Waldwick can help you and your spouse improve your marriage in many ways. At our counseling center, we use the book “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus,” as the basis for our couples work. The basis of this book is that men and women are different in many ways, and the difficult goal should be to learn to communicate more effectively with each other. It is not natural for men and women to understand things using the same language, so our therapist can help our couples learn to communicate better with each other. The author of the book, Dr. John Gray, has developed a complete clinical approach to couples counseling. This is the systematic approach that is used here at our counseling center. Our therapists have been licensed by Dr. John Great to successfully provide this service. Through our marriage counseling, you will learn how to better understand, respect, and honor the differences between yourself and your partner. During our marriage therapy you will learn not only what your needs are, but what your partner’s needs are, and how you can each successfully meet your partner’s needs. We also will work so that you and your partner can improve your communication skills so that your relationship can heal and grow.

For an appointment to meet with our marriage therapist Waldwick, simply contact us today for an appointment.

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