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Counselor in Morristown

In so many cases, having the help of a qualified, experienced, compassionate counselor can make all the difference between feeling despondent and being able to cope. Bad situations can be improved greatly. And dangerous situations may be dealt with to promote the types of positive changes you need to turn your life around. All of this and more is part of our practice here at Mars & Venus.

Our Morristown counselor is a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW), so you know you are in good hands. We are pleased to have services that are designed for all ages, from children to adolescents to adults. And family therapy services are also offered, because there are some challenges that involve more than one person. That is most certainly the case when it comes to marital relationships. In fact, those are some of the more crucial situations. Our Morristown counselor offers help to couples both before and after marriage. Being in love means so much, but without the ability to see eye-to-eye and to find the way to deal with each other in a way that both partners feel is respectful and fulfilling, success might not be achievable. We also understand addiction and substance abuse issues, which cannot be overcome with simple will power. These problems are diseases and require the help of therapy to overcome in many cases. Have you lost someone close to you? Perhaps a parent, a sibling, a friend, spouse, or a child. Grief and bereavement are very real. So, too, is the loss of beloved pet. And for those who are trying to focus on self-improvement, either persona, professional, or both, we have life coaching services.

Among the services we offer for the convenience of our valued patients are therapy in both English and Spanish, telephone counseling, the acceptance of most insurance plans, and day, evening, and weekend hours. Contact our Morristown counselor office right now and schedule an appointment to come in.

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