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Marriage Counselors in Teaneck

Keeping a marriage together requires dedication, love, and respect. But sometimes it also takes the help of professionals. Your marriage is worth it and at Mars & Venus, we’re here to provide the expertise that can be the crucial link that keeps your marriage strong and on the right track. Our Teaneck marriage counseling experts use the wisdom gleaned from the book “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus” by Dr. John Gray and use it as a foundation for a method of couples counseling that is designed to help the two of you understand each other and the reasons why each of you feel as you do.

It is simple enough to say that a couple should understand and respect each other, but finding a way to do that isn’t always that simple. Knowing that men and women have different ways of thinking and feeling and becoming acquainted with the ideas that allow a man and woman to reconcile those differences and to embrace them instead of seeing them as a problem are a big part of the solution. It’s all about healing the relationship and then allowing it to grow and flourish. This takes communication and to get there, our Teaneck marriage counseling experts use strategies that are taught and licensed by Dr. John Gray.

Just having the motivation to contact us is a positive sign that the two of you are prepared to put in the effort that is necessary to save your relationship. It’s important that you see the process as one that doesn’t assign blame, but rather as one that finds common ground, builds bridges, and seeks to find the best way for the two of you to both feel good about your marriage. Our Teaneck marriage counseling experts want to work with you to get past the issues you’re currently dealing with. Working together as a team, that’s exactly what we’ll do. Call us today. Your marriage is worth it.

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