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Stress Counseling in Teaneck

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Whether you are experiencing an obviously tumultuous situation in your life or are unsure what the possible underlying cause of your stress can be, treatment for stress counseling in Teaneck can be found at Mars & Venus.  You may be able to clearly identify stressors including those related to work, moving, relationship changes, illness or family.  However, our professional counselors will work with you by not only seeking the source of your stress, but by providing appropriate and helpful stress counseling in a relaxed, yet professional and comfortable environment.

We recommend you begin stress counseling in Teaneck at Mars & Venus by scheduling an initial consultation.  At this first appointment, you will be able to determine if you feel comfortable and can relax with your counselor.  Of course our mental health professionals are extensively experienced and hold all requisite qualifications, but your feelings of trust, security and well-being with a therapist are the first concerns to be addressed.  During this preliminary appointment, you may opt to talk about your reasons for seeking treatment and your counselor may either ask further questions or allow you to lead the conversation regarding your feelings of stress and any factors in your life that may be contributing to your unease.  It is our focus to have you feel as at ease as possible during your visit to our office to allow you the opportunity to benefit from your stress counseling.

Stress counseling in Teaneck at Mars & Venus is conducted in a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.  We are a caring and well trained team of professionals who will take however much time is necessary to discuss all available treatment options as well as answer all questions you may have regarding your stress counseling.  Scheduling a convenient initial appointment may be accomplished either via our website or by calling our office at (201) 467-4173.  Appointment times are available seven days per week with day or evening times Monday through Friday and weekend hours between 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.  Most insurance plans are accepted at our practice as well as other forms of payment.

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Stress and the Need for Counseling in Bergen County

• Do you feel constantly stressed out and on edge?
• Or are you tired of your partner having a short fuse with you?
• Is stress negatively affecting your relationships?
• Are you constantly arguing?
• Are you feeling tired and fatigued all the time?
• Are you having difficulty falling and staying asleep?
• Is stress making you sick?
• Are you having trouble concentrating?
• Are you moody and irritable much of time?
• Do you experience constant stress?

Imagine what it would be like if you understood how to better cope with stress, and how to help the other cope with stress more effectively as well. How would it feel to have a warm, loving and supportive relationship with your partner once again? To not be anxious all the time or to feel like you are walking on eggshells? How would it feel to be in a relationship in which you truly felt supported and understood? This doesn’t have to live only in your imagination. It can be your reality. You can have a less stressful life and a more satisfying relationship.

When you need professional counseling for stress and anxiety, please contact us at the Mars & Venus Counseling Center.